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Flower Power!

Grab Anything Fun That Can Be Pinned In Your Hair With A Bobbi Pin. Who Says Accessories Have To Be Store Bought??


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Twisted Sister…..

Make Sure Your Curly Hair Is Treated With Kit Gloves. Don’t Touch Curls Until They Are COMPLETELY DRY! This Will Help To Eliminate Those Frizzy Ends.

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Fringe Benefits!

Want To Draw Attention To Your Eyes?

Nothing Screams LOOK At Me Then A Heavy Fringe!


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Got Bounce? Use your BIG Round brush to create extra volume, movement and texture.

Hair TIp COlor

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Growing out your hair? Try a fun new color to get you through those rough phases when you just want to cut it all off.


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When Back Combing Hair…

Secure The Tease At The Root To Avoid Floppy Hair.

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“Food For Healthy Hair”

Food For Healthy Hair

As a child growing up in an Italian home it was authoritatively ordered, imperative and compulsory to eat.  Eating wasn’t just “eating.”  Eating was a loud, animated and gregarious celebration of food.  There was no way of avoiding it… Mangia!  From assorted nuts, cheeses and olives, to pastas, meatballs, and gravy, to pastry, breads, and fruits, to wine, Anisette, and Sambuca, my grandmother, mom and the usual gaggle of aunts made certain there was a wide selection of food on the table.  Today some might argue that a daily bowl of pasta and meatballs might weigh heavy on the carb intake, but my mother always complemented a meal with a healthy main course of vegetables and protein. (Food for healthy hair)

I can still hear my mom yelling, and sometimes threaten with the ol’ wooden spoon, to “finish your chicken and vegetables and don’t forget to drink all your milk or you won’t grow to be tall and strong.”  Seems reasonable today, but as a young kid I was preoccupied with scheming how to bypass the veggie and bird portions of the meal and dive directly into the dessert.

I also vividly remember by grandfather reiterating what my mom was saying, but his reasoning was less appealing.  He shouted, “Finish my chicken and vegetables; it’ll grow hair on your chest.”  Grandpa never took the time to adapt his adage to the audience.  Grandpa, I love you, but I am sure happy that was not one of the side effects of eating healthy food.

Many years later, I not only regularly pour myself a tall, cool glass of milk, but I actually prefer vegetables and protein dishes.  Evidently the shared wisdom of my mother and grandfather left an indelible impression.  Who knew!?

Healthy Hair Food: Poultry

  • Our fine feathered friends, particularly chickens and turkeys, are a source of high-quality protein that leads to healthy hair.
  • Weak, delicate hair is the result of a diet lacking adequate protein or with low-quality protein.  In addition, excessive protein deficiency can result in loss of hair color.
  • Poultry also provides iron with a high degree of bio-availability, meaning your body can easily reap its benefits.

Healthy Hair Food: Eggs

Health hair doesn’t care how you order your eggs; scrambled, fried, or over easy.  All it cares about is that you order eggs, since eggs are one of the best protein sources you can find.  Eggs also contain biotin and vitamin B-12, which are important beauty nutrients.  I guess that’s why I never met an ugly chicken.

Healthy Hair Food: Carrots

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, which promotes a healthy scalp along with good vision.  Since a healthy scalp is essential for a shiny, well-conditioned head of hair, you’d be wise to include carrots in your diet as snacks or toppings on your salad.

Healthy Hair Food: Dark Green Vegetables

Popeye the Sailor Man didn’t eat all that spinach just so he could have healthy hair, although he could have.  Spinach, like broccoli and Swiss chard, is an excellent source of vitamins A and C.  And why do you care about vitamins A and C?  Because your body needs to produce sebum, which is a result of a healthy diet of Popeye’s favorite energy booster.  The oily substance, secreted by your hair follicles, is the body’s natural hair conditioner.  Dark green vegetables also provide iron and calcium.  Forget goggling over Popeye’s muscles, next time check out his hair.

Healthy Hair Food: Low-Fat Dairy Products

Low-fat dairy products like skim milk and yogurt are great sources of calcium, an important mineral for hair growth.  They also contain whey and casein, two high-quality protein sources.  Two benefits for the price of one!

If you are looking for some healthy hair foods “to-go,” try throwing a yogurt or cottage cheese cup in your bag when you head out in the morning to snack on later in the day.  You can even boost their hair benefits by stirring in a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seeds or walnuts for omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.  Have fun being your own mad scientist!

“True beauty isn’t about perfection. By liberating people to realize this simple fact, we help them see the real beauty within themselves.” Kris


  1. Ahh.. this is a post that i’ve needed. Taking vitamins is all fine and dandy, but I’d love to be able to eat food that’ll help my hair. love it!

    • Thank you Melissa! Make sure to check out our post “Are you Nuts About Your Hair” and “Who Wants Healthy Hair & Skin”. There are more great ways to achieve Healthy Hair.

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