Hair Tip

Flower Power!

Grab Anything Fun That Can Be Pinned In Your Hair With A Bobbi Pin. Who Says Accessories Have To Be Store Bought??


Hair Tip

Twisted Sister…..

Make Sure Your Curly Hair Is Treated With Kit Gloves. Don’t Touch Curls Until They Are COMPLETELY DRY! This Will Help To Eliminate Those Frizzy Ends.

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Hair Tip

Fringe Benefits!

Want To Draw Attention To Your Eyes?

Nothing Screams LOOK At Me Then A Heavy Fringe!


Hair Tip

Got Bounce? Use your BIG Round brush to create extra volume, movement and texture.

Hair TIp COlor

Hair Tip

Growing out your hair? Try a fun new color to get you through those rough phases when you just want to cut it all off.


Hair Tip

When Back Combing Hair…

Secure The Tease At The Root To Avoid Floppy Hair.

Beauty Expert Kristan Serafino

“Beauty Products Save vs. Splurge” with Kristan Serafino

“Beauty Products Save vs. Splurge” with Kristan Serafino To spend or not to spend…that is…

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.45.41 AM

“How To Choose A Hairstylist For Your Wedding Day”

Brides Magazine: Hair by Kristan Serafino How to Choose A Wedding Hair Stylist In my…

Norman Reedus - SerafinoSays.com

“WINNER ANNOUNCED!!! Check the rafflecopter below to see the winner’s name then check your email for instructions!”

The Sun’s Coming Up…Like A Big Bald Head.  This provocative collection of photographs by Norman…

Daily – “Philosophy Giveaway”

TODAY… the 21st of December, is the 10th day of SerafinoSays 14 Days of Holiday Giveaway.  We will randomly select 3 Philosophy WINNERS. Two winners selected from the SerafinoSays Blog Contest and one more winners selected from the SerafinoSays Twitter Contest :  (Click here for Official Rules)

The Prizes:

(1) Winner will receive Philosophy  Amazing Grace Fragrance layering collection: Perfumed Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel, Spray Fragrance & Perfumed Body Butter. (Value $80.00)

(1) Winner will receive Philosophy Parties for Hosting: Cherry Berry Crisp Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath and Body Lotion (Value $20.00)

(1) Winner will receive Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl:  Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath and Body Lotion (Value $20.00)

How to Win:

To increase your chances post on both  SerafinoSays and Twitter.  Remember, we are choosing winners from the Comment Section (2) & Twitter (1)!

  • The Blog:  Type the word Happy Holidays in  the “Comment” section.  The “Comment” section is located under the Date of each blog post.  Enter just once for each days contest.
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***Grand Prize: Linea Pelle Hand Bag No special entry is required to register for the Grand Prize contest.  Each day’s names registered for the SerafinoSays Blog contest is automatically submitted once for the Grand Prize drawing.  Each day’s name registered for the SerafinoSays Twitter contest is automatically submitted once for the Grand Prize drawing.  The best chance to win the Grand Prize is for you to register for both contests each day.

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“True beauty isn’t about perfection. By liberating people to realize this simple fact, we help them see the real beauty within themselves.” Kristan Serafino


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