Hair Tip

Flower Power!

Grab Anything Fun That Can Be Pinned In Your Hair With A Bobbi Pin. Who Says Accessories Have To Be Store Bought??


Hair Tip

Twisted Sister…..

Make Sure Your Curly Hair Is Treated With Kit Gloves. Don’t Touch Curls Until They Are COMPLETELY DRY! This Will Help To Eliminate Those Frizzy Ends.

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Hair Tip

Fringe Benefits!

Want To Draw Attention To Your Eyes?

Nothing Screams LOOK At Me Then A Heavy Fringe!


Hair Tip

Got Bounce? Use your BIG Round brush to create extra volume, movement and texture.

Hair TIp COlor

Hair Tip

Growing out your hair? Try a fun new color to get you through those rough phases when you just want to cut it all off.


Hair Tip

When Back Combing Hair…

Secure The Tease At The Root To Avoid Floppy Hair.

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“Summer Makeup In The City By Mister Makeup”

Written By: Celebrity Makeup Artist @DavidMaderich… AKA Mister Makeup

It’s summer, darlings.  The perfect time to relax in the sunshine and sip a Cosmo and kick off your Louboutins and enjoy the warm weather.  But don’t let that Cosmo go to your head – a sunny day doesn’t mean you can skimp on skincare.  No way, Missy….

Of course,  every fashionista knows that sunscreen is as essential to summer as a new pair of Gucci sunglasses.  My new favorites are light non-greasy lotions.  Try Paula’s Choice Sun Care Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF  and The Healthy Sun Screen SPF 30 Body Cream by Lavanila Laboratories.

Be sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before heading outside.  And don’t forget the back of your neck, ears, hands and hairline.

I say embrace the pale, but for those of you that covet a J Lo glow, it’s all about self-tanner.  Self-tanning products just get better and better every year – easier to apply and smoother more believable results.

Before applying self-tanner, it’s essential to scrub your skin for a flawless finish.  Jump into the shower and rub Shea Moisture Organic Argan Oil & Raw Shea Body Scrub  all over your body and rub, rub and rub some more.Once you are as smooth as a baby’s bottom, it’s time to get glowing. I think the best way to apply self-tanner is with disposable rubber gloves.  Cover every inch of your body – use extra care and apply sparingly to your elbows and knees to avoid dark spots.  When finished, remove gloves and coat your hands with lotion and rub your wrists to blend the self-tanner to your hands.  Allow to dry for 15 minutes before getting dressed.

I love Babor’s Self-Tanning Skin Radiance Foam  a gently streak free mousse that smooths on like whip cream and is loaded with anti-aging extracts –heaven!Supergoop Gradual Self-Tanning Sunscreen Mousse SPF 20 is the perfect product to apply if you are heading outdoors – color and protection in one tube.  I adore this product because it won’t stain towels.To add extra glow and to extend your tan, try this trick I use on models and red carpet celebrities.  Spray a touch of Sally Hanson Airbrush Shimmer Spray on your legs, arms and shoulders for instant glamour!  Try adding a quick spray to your cheekbones, too.After a day at the beach or clubs, it’s important to cleanse away the oil and grit.  I like to use a stronger facial cleanser during warm weather.  Try Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. Oil-free and purifying, this cleanser is perfect to remove makeup and grime without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. If you’re on the go, try Comodynes Easy Peeling New Face Effect Towelette.  Toss once of these packets  – sold in a box of eight – in your purse and you can have a facial anywhere – perfection.Before applying makeup on hot days, try Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Primer with SPF 15 .  This lightweight gel will zap your pores and help keep your skin matte.Finally, don’t forget your lips – they get sunburned, too.  Try smoothing a moisturizing lip balm under your lipstick or wear alone– I can’t live without Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 If your lips are dry and flaky from the sun, try Skinny Girl Lip Scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes.

That’s it for this month, sweeties, and remember, summer is short, so get out there and enjoy.

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“True beauty isn’t about perfection. By liberating people to realize this simple fact, we help them see the real beauty within themselves.” Kristan Serafino





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